42 – Prostate Humor, Wilson Hits the Big Time, and A Farewell to a King

Billy Sherwood was none too pleased with Rick Wakeman’s antics at Yes’ Rock and Roll Hall of Fame induction. Does he have a point? Will Steven Wilson’s signing a one-album deal with Caroline benefit more than just his own financial bottom line? Allan Holdsworth’s passing is sad enough, but the GoFundMe page for his funeral costs is sadder still. Also discussed are Bjork, speculative documentary filmmaking, and the likelihood of a Jon & Jon album.

41 – Surveys, Hybrid Bands and the Nerve Net

There’s a survey in the UK ostensibly to determine the state of the live music scene, but what if those responsible are going about it all wrong? It’s a non-starter now after the rumor was squelched, but would it have been fun to see Geddy Lee perform with Yes at their Rock and Roll Hall of Fame induction? Some albums are only worth listening to half of; we’ll tell you our picks. Spin or Bin a more obscure Brian Eno album? And another new game for those of you who might be stuck in a rut.

(Updated to include the correct podcast!)

40 – Yes? No. Okay, Yes; Unconventional Awards; and Jerry Ewing Still Has a Job, For Now

Rick Wakeman first vigorously declined an invitation to Yes’ induction into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, so how is it that he changed his mind so quickly? Prog Magazine and its sister publications were saved from the fate of much other print media, but is the end still inevitable? We give our thoughts on the most devastating (to us) musician deaths of 2016, and have a go at Francis Dunnery in the Spin or Bin game.

39 – Gongs, Feels and Cash

Marco Minnemann apparently has a bone to pick with Steven Wilson over some bling, but we wonder if it’s worth it, and if social media is partly to blame. Marillion can pack in the lady fans, and we ponder the reasons for that, and what other prog bands can do the same. What would you buy with a thousand units of your preferred currency if you HAD to spend it on music-related items? And Cliff and David battle it out in the new quiz segment Guess Who!

38 – Oh Yes, He Did; Fighting Off the Roaches; and, Somehow, Bacon

Steve Howe and Jon Anderson are exchanging thinly-veiled barbs again. Is there merit to one of their accusations? Todd LaTorre of Queensryche is upset about the reliance bands have to place on videos and social media that don’t wind up bringing fans out to shows. What might Jimi Hendrix’s career have turned into had he

37 – Soon-to-Be Classics; Prog Goes Disco; and I Would Do Anything for Money (Including That)

If Meat Loaf is using PledgeMusic to get up-front funding from fans, is that good news or bad news for smaller acts who use the same platform? Despite what some aging proggers say, there are some more current releases destined to become classics — so which albums are they? Banco del Mutuo Soccorso once went

36 – Q: Are We Not Men? A: We Are Prog Squad!

Apple’s got a patent on a new technology that could disable camera phones at concerts: Great idea or infringement of rights? Steven Wilson’s music is now on all the relevant streaming services, and apparently we have Prince to thank. Was the Purple One’s death (and resistance to streaming) really the reason behind the decision? What

35 – Numan Numan; Zappa Zappa; and Metall (auf) Metall

With the influence of big record labels declining and the rise of social media, Gary Numan thinks musicians might be in a better place these days than they realize. Is he right? Will Dweezil and Ahmet Zappa find it in their hearts to bury the hatchet? Can hip-hop artists (or anyone else) sample short pieces

34 – Losing It; Nothing to See Here; and Unpronounceable Titles

Prog god Keith Emerson took his own life in March. What role did Internet criticism of his physical decline play in his actions? Radiohead has shaken the Etch-a-Sketch of their existence in their latest publicity move — can other bands learn from their example? Is Philip Glass’s soundtrack work worth a spin or does it

33 – Beyond Riverside’s Horizon; Collins on the Road Again; and A New Comeback Medium?

Can Riverside continue without integral member Piotr Grudzinski? Is Phil Collins playing live again his idea or his fans’ idea? The cassette tape is supposedly making a comeback like vinyl has – could it really be true? We’ll discuss Dream Theater’s The Astonishing, George Martin’s contribution to prog and art rock, and what’s the most